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Doah head  

Doah head

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Manufacturer Self-production
Country of Origin Republic of Korea
Product Code P00000UK
수량 수량증가수량감소
Trend Basic trend
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Shipping (Charge) International Shipping Fee
Payment for Shipping Parcel Service

개인결제창을 통한 결제 시 네이버 마일리지 적립 및 사용이 가능합니다.

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Skin color
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[ Doah head ] This item is shipped immediately.

Please be sure to check the purchase related information / cautions.

헤드 사이즈 Head size


9 inches

착용 가능한 안구 사이즈 Wearable eye sizes

18~20mm ( 사진상 도아가 착용한 안구는 18mm입니다. )

18~20mm ( In the photo, Doah's eyes are 18mm. )

호환 바디 Compatible body

소녀바디 : SD9, SDGR, SD16

소년바디 : 스위치사의 HD 60Boy Body

Girl body : SD9, SDGR, SD16
Boy Body : Switch HD 60 Boy Body

스킨 색상 Skin color

아이보리화이트(미백) / 핑크화이트(미백) /피치베이지(노멀) / 밀크티(탠) 

Ivory White (White) / Pink White (White) / Peach Beige (Normal) / Milk Tea (Tan)

 타회사 바디와의 스킨색상 호환정보 

( 비슷하지만 완벽히 호환되지 않으니 유의 부탁드립니다. ) 

Skin color compatibility information with other companies' bodies
(It is similar, but not completely compatible, so please be careful.)

아이보리화이트 ( 보크스사의 미백, 미기돌사의 미백과 호환 가능 )

핑크화이트 ( 스위치사의 로지화이트와 호환 가능합니다. )

피치베이지 ( 스위치사의 파우더베이지와 호환 가능합니다. )


Ivory White (Compatible with White by Volks and White by Migidol)
Pink White (Compatible with Switch's Rosy White.)
Peach Beige (Compatible with Switch's Powder Beige.)

( 돌체벨라의 밀크티 색상이 스위치 사의 모카 브라운과 밀크티 로즈의 중간 색입니다. 두 스킨색 모두 호환이 가능하지만, 밀크티와 더 자연스럽게 호환이 가능합니다. 돌리츠 라이트브라운과 호환 가능합니다. )

( Dolce Bella's milk tea color is an intermediate color between Switch's Mocha Brown and Milk Tea Rose.
Both skin colors are compatible, but they are more naturally compatible with milk tea.
Compatible with Dollits Light Brown. )

참고사진 >>> 스위치사의 밀크티 로즈 / 돌체벨라 밀크티 / 스위치사의 모카 브라운

Reference Photo >>> Switch's Milk Tea Rose / Dolce Bella Milk Tea / Switch's Mocha Brown

구매 관련 안내 Purchase information


* 바로 배송 상품입니다. 입금 확인 후, 3일 내로 배송해드립니다. *This item is for immediate delivery. We ship within 3 days after payment is confirmed.

* 헤드 단품 판매입니다. 헤드 외의 메이크업과 바디, 안구, 의상, 가발 등은 포함되지 않습니다. *Head is sold separately. Make-up, body, eyes, clothes, wigs, etc. are not included.

* 구성품 : 노메이크업 헤드 + 인증서 * Components: No Makeup Head + Certificate

* 손으로 원형을 다듬으면서 표면마감이 완벽하지 않을 수 있습니다. * The surface finish may not be perfect as the head is polished by hand.

* 우레탄 인형의 특성들은 불량으로 간주하지 않으므로 교환 & 환불이 불가합니다. * The characteristics of urethane dolls are not considered defective, so exchanges and refunds are not possible.

- 뚜껑과 헤드 내부, 뚜껑과 헤드가 닿는 부분에 게이트, 파팅라인 등 후가공 흔적.

the inside of the lid and head, part except for the face, Traces of post-processing such as gates and parting lines on the part where the lid and head meet.

- 미세한 스크래치, 찍힘, 먼지, 기포. 옅은 우레탄 얼룩 등

Light scratches, dents, dust, air bubbles. light urethane stains, etc.

- 공정상 얼룩 & 마블링 & 복제 시기에 따른 색차 등이 있을 수 있습니다.

Due to the process, there may be stains, marbling, and color differences depending on the production period.

* A/S는 정품 인증서와 플레이트가 반드시 있어야 가능합니다. * A/S is possible only when you have a certificate of authenticity and plate.

인증서는 분실하시면 재발급이 되지 않으니 보관에 유의 부탁드립니다. If the certificate is lost, it cannot be reissued, so please keep it.

* 제품에 하자가 있으면 제품 수령 후 3일 이내에 연락을 주셔야만 교환이 가능합니다. * If there is a defect in the product, you must contact us within 3 days of receiving the product to be able to exchange it.

* 상시 판매 상품이 아니기때문에 결제 후 단순 변심에 의한 교환 & 환불이 불가합니다. * Because it is not a regular sale product, exchange & refund due to a simple change of mind after payment is not possible.

* 스킨색상은 사용하시는 휴대전화나 모니터 종류에 따라 실물과 다를 수 있습니다. * Skin color may differ from the actual product depending on the type of mobile phone or monitor you are using.

주의 사항 CAUTION notice

* 스크래치가 날 수 있으니 날카롭거나 거친 부분이 닿는 것을 조심해주세요. * Sharp or rough parts may cause scratches. Please be careful.

* 우레탄 제품 특성상 보관기간과 노출 환경으로 황변 & 변색이 나타날 수 있습니다. * Due to the nature of urethane products, yellowing and discoloration may occur due to storage period and exposure environment.

* 장시간 화학제품(신너, 아세톤 등)에 노출되거나 노출 온도에 따라 변형이 올 수 있습니다. * It may be exposed to chemicals (thinner, acetone, etc.) for a long time or may be deformed depending on the exposure temperature.

* 짙은 색상의 메이크업이나 가발캡 등으로 우레탄이 물들 수 있습니다. * Urethane may be stained by dark-colored makeup or wig caps.

▲ The eyes worn are 18mm.

▲ 착용한 바디 정보 Wearing body information

Volks SD9      >>>      Volks SDGr      >>>      Switch HD 60 Boy

▲ Costume _  READYMADE  / Wig _ Switch
▲ Costume _  READYMADE  / Wig _ Switch
▲ Costume _  READYMADE  / Wig _ Switch
▲ Costume _  MELODY.C   / Wig _ Switch
▲ Costume _  MELODY.C   / Wig _ Switch 
▲ Costume _  MELODY.C   / Wig _ Switch
▲ Costume _  MELODY.C   / Wig _ Switch
▲ Costume _ MELODY.C / Wig _ Foveo / Hat _ 36.5do
▲ Costume _ MELODY.C / Wig _ Foveo  
▲ Costume _ MELODY.C / Wig _ Switch / Hat _ 36.5do
▲ Costume _ MELODY.C / Wig _ Switch / Hat _ 36.5do
▲ Costume _ MELODY.C / Wig _ Switch 

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Payment Info

[ PAYPAL ] Payment with PayPal : online virtual account and credit cards

Dolcebella's Paypal ID : dolcebellaeyes@yahoo.com

★ Customs & Import Tax

Import duty is what your country customs will charge you when your package passes through your country customs. 
Please note that it's always buyer's responsibilities to clear customs and pay the relevant customs duties, customs duties/taxes are not included in any product's price or shipping cost.
If you change your mind and want an exchange or refund,
Dolcebella is not responsible for Customs & Import Tax.


  • Shippping Method : Parcel Service
  • Shipping Area : A Region.
  • Shipping Cost : International Shipping Fee
  • Shipping Time : 7 - 10 days
  • - Shipping Method: EMS

    - International Shipping: All around the globe

    - Estimated Shipping Time: DOLCEBELLA's Dolls require a production period of about 70~90 business days from the date of payment confirmation for custom-made products.

    ( If you add more default makeup it takes an additional two weeks.)

    Please take into consideration that the products of your order may be unavailable or delayed in manufacturing according to the product’s type. In addition, one day delivery is not available. 

    - Shipment: We will send your purchase after your payment for the order is confirmed. If you want to exchange or return the products, you must contact our staff member.

    - Shipping Cost

    1) The cost will be calculated by EMS price policy.

    *Depending on weight or region, you may also request additional shipping costs.

    2) Shipping to US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Mongol, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Thai, Philippines

    Shipping to other destinations: EMS Shipping costs are automatically charged.

    - Customs and Duties

    • The recipient will be held responsible for international shipments which may be subject to import duties and taxes. Please be advised that these charges are levied by the destination country and we do not have control over them. In the case that the recipient refuses to receive the parcel, the order will be returned to Korea and will not be re-shipped. Relevant expenses (round-trip shipping, customs, etc.) will be deducted from the refund.


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